2nd Annual Holiday Stroll



Everyone is invited for the 2nd annual Glendive Outside, Holiday Stroll, #Yule’ surely want to enjoy the evening on Winter’s Solstice the shortest day of the year!

This will be similiar to last years route, but we will be walking half the distance with about 1.92miles. I picked SouthSide as they seem to have a greater concentration of lights and some great displays in this area.

How to get there:
Turn right at Loaf and Jug and see the great displays on S. Sargeant and park at Whipkey Park, near the Splash Park.

We will start walking from Whipkey park, Near the Splash Park.
We will work our way south to Grant St. then work our way back northward until Power St. were we will make our way back down.


I will bring a portable radio for the houses with radio displays and some cookies. Feel free to bring your own warm beverages. The roads and sidewalks can be slippery, so please wear appropriate foot wear and warm clothes for the evening.

All ages are invited! Happy Holidays!

Also. Last year hot water was brought and cocoa and cider mixes. If anyone is still interested in doing this please let me know. I know its shorter notice. I do have some extra cups left over from previous outings. Also…pack in, pack out. Please dont litter. 🙂


Holiday Stroll – Wednesday at 6:45pm
Last Day Hike – Saturday TBA
First Day Hike – Sunday TBA
Second Day Hike – Monday TBA