Hiking into 2017!


Last Day Hike – 12/31 Saturday 8:30am
Start at Visitors Center and Hike out Artists Vista,(route link). Everyone is welcome to come and do part or all of the hike. Dogs are welcomed and so are kids, but remember this is a 14 mile hike out and back to Artist’s Vista during winter.  Winter weather clothing and layering is advised (REI Tips) (BackCountry Tips).   Feel free to bring snowshoes or a sled, you will have to carry them yourselves. There’s drifts and various levels of snow along the road.  Bring a lunch or snacks, we will have a short break at Artist’s Vista and don’t forget to bring water or something to drink!

For those of you that would like to join us but may not have the time or want to do the full route here are some other options and turn around points along the way!

Miles are approximate:

  • 1.1  mile Paramount Trail  (2.2 return actual miles)
  • 2.15 miles Bottom of Switchbacks (4.3 return)
  • 3.15 miles Cap Rock Parking Area (6.30 return)
  • 3.5 miles Saddle Road (7. return)
  • 4.05 miles Valley View Loop Road (8.10 return)
  • 5.20 miles Vista Trail (10.40 return)

First Day Hike – 01/01/2017 11am                                                                                                 Makoshika State Park – Moderate 1.5 mile hike along the Bluebird Trail at 11am led by Friends of Makoshika. This hike begins at the Visitor Center and rises along the badlands features of the park. Lunch (Chili and Sandwiches) provided following the hike provided by Friends of Makoshika. No dogs (and kids over 6?), please.  Contact: 406-377-6256  Makoshika State Park, for more information.

For Other Montana State Parks #FirstDayHike  near you check:                                                First Day Hikes, Event Calendar:

Bannack State Park
Cooney State Park
First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park
Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park
Lone Pine State Park
Makoshika State Park
Missouri Headwaters State Park
Placid Lake State Park
Spring Meadow Lake State Park
Travelers’ Rest State Park
Wayfarers State Park

Second Day Hike – 01/02/17 Monday 8:30am. Meet at switchbacks, will walk road to amphitheater, return via Ponderosa Trail and Road Apx 4.75miles.mako2ndday

There will also be a 2nd walk in town, meet at the EPEC parking lot at 6:30pm and we will go for a little walk around Glendive, something like this:glendivewalk2ndday


Dogs or other furry animals and kids are welcomed on all Glendive Outside hikes and walks!  Just remember their ages, abilities, hiking distance and weather when bringing them!

2016 Events Overview



2016 has come and went.  As the summer became busy with some changes I didnt update the website.  So here is an update of all the events that occurred this past year!  2016 also seen an increase in participants coming out this year with several returning each time! So thats great to see new and returning people this year!

TBA Dec 31 , Last Day Hike!  Makoshika State Park.

Wed 6:45 PM · by Glendive Outside
Wed 6:45 PM ·
Sun 8 AM · by Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Medora, ND
Sat 3 PM ·
This event was canceled. To Cold!
This event was canceled. To Cold!
Sun 11 AM · by Glendive Outside
Sat 4 PM · by Glendive Outside
Black Bridge Fishing Access
Sun 6 PM · by Glendive Outside
Sat 7 PM · by Glendive Outside
Fri 6:30 PM · by Glendive Outside
Sun 6:30 PM · by Glendive Outside
Sat 6:30 PM · by Glendive Outside
Fri 7 PM · by Glendive Outside
Makoshika State Park – Glendive, MT
Fri 6:30 PM · by Glendive Outside
Sat 7 PM · by Glendive Outside
Sun 6 PM ·
Fri 10 AM · by Glendive Outside
Wed 7 PM · by Glendive Outside
Mar 18 – Mar 20 · by Glendive Outside
Wed 6:30 PM · by Glendive Outside
Sat 3 PM · by Glendive Outside
Fri 7 AM · by Glendive Outside
Sat 6:50 PM ·



2nd Annual Holiday Stroll



Everyone is invited for the 2nd annual Glendive Outside, Holiday Stroll, #Yule’ surely want to enjoy the evening on Winter’s Solstice the shortest day of the year!

This will be similiar to last years route, but we will be walking half the distance with about 1.92miles. I picked SouthSide as they seem to have a greater concentration of lights and some great displays in this area.

How to get there:
Turn right at Loaf and Jug and see the great displays on S. Sargeant and park at Whipkey Park, near the Splash Park.

We will start walking from Whipkey park, Near the Splash Park.
We will work our way south to Grant St. then work our way back northward until Power St. were we will make our way back down.


I will bring a portable radio for the houses with radio displays and some cookies. Feel free to bring your own warm beverages. The roads and sidewalks can be slippery, so please wear appropriate foot wear and warm clothes for the evening.

All ages are invited! Happy Holidays!

Also. Last year hot water was brought and cocoa and cider mixes. If anyone is still interested in doing this please let me know. I know its shorter notice. I do have some extra cups left over from previous outings. Also…pack in, pack out. Please dont litter. 🙂


Holiday Stroll – Wednesday at 6:45pm
Last Day Hike – Saturday TBA
First Day Hike – Sunday TBA
Second Day Hike – Monday TBA