March 2016 Events!


February’s  Backyard Bird Count went by rather quietly, but there was at least 12 species identified over the course of the 4 days, with some having multiple large numbers in the flocks. March is here!  We have a few items planned out.

Dog Friendly Group Walks!

BlackBridge Walking Loop

Saturday, March 5th at 3:00pm there is Social Dog Saturday and Wednesday, March 16th at 6:30pm a Wednesday Walking Group plus dogsBring your doggies out and let them meet other doggies!
Meet at Eyers Park (East of Reynolds). There is a doggie poop station on Bell St. Bridge access .(hint hint). Bring your leashed dog out and go for a 1.7mile walk. This should be an enjoyable group event for both your dog and other people.
Pending on group meet up and participation this could be a weekly option.

*Obviously, make sure you are in control of your dog. As you are responsible for your dog and its behavior.  Your dog should be up to date with its current vaccinations. For those driving, please use the provided parking lot.  Leashes are required. Also, do not to let your dog run around in the city park, as per city code 8-7-4.  There will should be no issues in the parking area. (A little bird told me to contact Public Works, we are fine). Also you need to clean up after your dog. Dog station is at the trail head and garbage is located there as well.

Doggie Poo clean up station.



Link to route:

Spring Weekend Events!


Spring is here… or will be, officially March 20th.

March 18th 

10 am: Jaycee’s West Loop Park. 1.6 mile loop. Meet at the Tennis Court area Parking spot. Its all flat and easy. Route Link:

5:30 pm: ????(unnamed trail) x.x miles.  Meet at Group Use Shelter and we will hike up the mystery trail!  Wear good hiking shoes! We will go up the hard way. Once on top its easy walking.  We will end up at the first campground on the right of the road.  I will hopefully have the trail data by then…  In case of wet conditions we will have alternative hiking routes.

Link to route on Endomondo

March 19th

10am: Meet at Group Use Shelter. We will walk the (unnamed trail) again!.  I also plan to do this trail on June 11th, for Buzzard Day as well.  Currently unable to find trail name, who or when it was built.  Any leads would be greatly appreciated.  Its been around for over 20 years.

1pm: Meet at bottom of switchbacks (assuming they are still closed) we will hike the road back to Artists Vista!  About 12miles of easy road.  Wet conditions will have alternative hiking routes.

Sunday,March 20th, 7pm.

January’s full moon hike had an amazing turnout of 50ish people.  I know this weekend has a few things going on, but I would like to celebrate the Spring Equinox Full Moon with another hike and campfire!  This time it will not be such a long walk.  We will meet at 7pm at the Group Use Shelter in Makoshika State Park.  Pending on the crowd, if its small and we have good moonlight, we will hike the Diane Gabriel Trail. If we have a larger turnout or bad moonlight, or wet trails, we will hike the road to the bottom of the switchbacks.  Hopefully I will have the campfire going by then.  I will have marshmallows, fixings for smores and hot water available for drinks again!

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