Makoshika Moonlight Hike

β€œThe true joy of a moonlit night is something we no longer understand. Only the men of old, when there were no lights, could understand the true joy of a moonlit night.” ― Yasunari Kawabata, Palm-of-the-Hand Stories

MakoshikaMoonlightHikeMeet at Makoshika State Park Group Use Shelter (Kiwanis Shelter) at by 6:50pm , by 7:05pm will start the hike.

This is a Full Moon (Wolf Moon (January Moon) flashlight free hike. We will hike the road to the bottom of the switchbacks, then hike up the Switch Back Trail, its a slow steady climb on a nice grade for the most of it. Once on top we will connect with the Ponderosa Trail and head towards the Amphitheater then walk the road loop back towards the Shelter. This is roughly a 6 mile walk. Once we finish the hike at the shelter, we will start a fire in the pit, roast some marshmallows have hot cocoa and tea available. (if anyone can donate/bring items to help that would be great, let me know so I can prepare/buy) Hope to see you there!

Why go? Because Makoshika looks so much different in the moonlight, especially with snow on the ground!

Any questions you can always contact me via Facebook or email.

Remember that it’s still winter and dark so dress appropriately. Kids are OK too…

Ive been wanting to do a Makoshika Moonlight Hike and Lew Melby emailed me also with a hike idea with fire and drinks (something i totally would have forgotten to add) at the end. πŸ™‚ Since this will be the last full moon on a weekend, figured best to do it, now!